Christian Living

Thoughts on the Jesus Life

A life without Christ is not all that it’s cracked up to be. You may be slowly learning that like the rest of us… Idk. Life in Jesus is manifestly different… like the breaking of day after a long sick night. It is way more than you imagined it to be when you were first imagining from the Christless fog. It is a quality of life only possible by birth… a new birth in Christ. It is painful growth sometimes, but it is real growth. It is depth of meaning not so much self-defined, but meaning and purpose that’s given by the prince of life. It is a continued awareness of God’s good Fatherhood and His abiding presence. Sometimes it’s wandering in the humidity of a heavy summer day. Sometimes it is tears in the dead of winter. It is not without great sorrow and not without great joy. It is not a temporary flash, but a belonging forever… life eternal. Sometimes it’s an epic page turner. Sometimes it is surprisingly beige and slow. It is always urgent. Don’t forget that. It’s always urgent! It is an opportunity… a calling… a full tilt passion for Christ. It is a pouring in and a pouring out. It is family, but it is more than family, it is living as the family of God. It is grit and it is grace. It is living with spirit and it’s powered by the Holy Spirit. It is repentance and forgiveness. It’s love, but the Jesus kind. It is prayer, but the answered kind. It is a mission, but the Mercy kind. It’s a future, but the hope flavored kind. It’s following Jesus today and aiming for everyday. Just a few words on my heart tonight about the Jesus life.

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