Masks, Covid, and Purpose

We should take great care for those that are suffering with Covid. Even Jesus wept for those that grieved for the death of a loved one. Who knows, I might be next. While that is true, we Christians also live under the spell of a deep worldly fear of death. I believe we should be careful and do our best not to spread the virus ( I still wear my mask when in stores). I also believe we should not make fear our god. Fear under the guise of prudence. I don’t want to die anytime soon, but if I do, it’s okay… there are a lot of things worse than death. Things that happen everyday in America like abortion, child trafficking, and dying without Christ. These are some of the astonishing sins of our time (these are just some). These are the real alarming statistics (go search them out). Who even mentions abortion anymore? Sound the alarm! We Christians are fighting now to preserve our lives that we were probably wasting to begin with. We care about lame political opinions, stimulus money, and fearful denominational opinion. What about the Christless? We better get our junk together fast. Don’t wait to live for Jesus. There is a lost world out there! Let’s live for Him now! Share the Gospel now! This is one of the best times and opportunities to share Christ. I’m not trying to accomplish anything great by this post other than to say, let’s live for Christ now and simply that the Gospel should be more urgent now instead of less. – John 3:16 -Galatians 2:20

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