Podcasts Worth Checking Out

In Sam Beasley’s article 5 Simple Ways To Keep Christ At The Center of The Work Week Grind the number 2 way was to “Subscribe to Christian podcasts.” I found this to be extremely helpful. We are all busy throughout the week and one of the best ways to make the most of some of that time is to have something playing in our ears that helps us love God with all of our mind(Mark 12:30). Below are, around, 5 podcasts to trust to help point us to Christ.

  1. The Briefing: This podcast is daily Monday – Friday and focuses on a couple of things in the news and how to view them from a Christian worldview. As people who live in a government that we have a say in it is important that we are aware of what’s going on and how to see it Biblically; this podcast does this in an educated and understandable way.
  2. Ask Pastor John: Just like The Briefing this one comes out everyday Monday-Friday. In this podcast Pastor John Piper takes about 15 minutes to Biblically and thoughtfully answers one question a day that a listener has sent in. Applying scripture to daily decisions and real life situations helps us see that we are not alone in the mess and helps provide a framework that might apply to something in our own life.
  3. Sermons: A lot of churches, and I mean ALOT, put their sermons up each week as a podcast to listen to. I have found this to be helpful if I am unable to sit under the preaching of my pastor because of illness or serving in children’s church or etc. A few good ones are:
    1. The Village Church-Sermons (Pastor Matt Chandler)
    2. Epiphany Fellowship Podcast (Pastor Eric Mason)
    3. Truth for Life Programs (Pastor Alistair Begg)
  4. Unbelievable?: This weekly podcast is an adaptation of a British radio show where two people with differing religious views discuss their own view as well as the differences between the two views. Some times this is between a non-Christian and a Christian and sometimes it is between two believers who hold different points of view within the faith. Rarely, but occasionally, it gets heated between the individuals but for the most part it is a good show voicing differing opinions with kindness.
  5. The Holy Post: Phil Vischer, the co-creator of VeggieTales, and a former writer for Christianity Today weekly discuss a variety of things but all from the point of view of people who love Christ and want to show that love in their lives. It is funny and serious in a really good combination. It does a great job expanding Christian thought, if not a bit too far at times.

Time to grow in our relationship with God can, at times, be hard to come by and podcasts are a great way to maximize the 24 hours a day God had given each one of us.

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